Any business would naturally want their website Backlink to be on the first page of search engines like Google. Having an effective backlinking strategy is one way to achieve this objective. Let us now look at ten simple ways how to create backlinks for your website.

What should be the easiest way to know how to create backlinks? Ask for it, it’s that simple, or is it?  It might have been in the days before the introduction of the Penguin Updates.

Now, Google is very strict about the quality of backlinks.

Here are some smart ways to know how o create backlinks:1. Broken Link Building – The Moving Man Method

The broken-link building method is an ideal way to create one-way backlinks. This technique is a simple one. Contact a webmaster and report broken links on their website.

Simultaneously, suggest some links to replace them. Naturally, mention your website link as well. As you do the webmaster a favor by reporting their broken links, there are high chances of getting a link back to your website.

How do you find the broken links in the first place? Well, that’s easy. Find relevant websites in your niche. For example, if you have an educational website, you search for education + links on the Google search engine.

You will need the help of a tool or a plugin such as “Check my links.” Using this plugin, you can discover all the 404-links from the particular page.

Establish contact with the webmaster and provide information that he/she is linking to sources that are no longer available.

Provide the exact location of the broken link for easy identification. Suggest a couple of alternatives including your website. This technique can work because you help the webmaster to move his website link. It is also known as the Moving Man Method.2. Guest Articles

Guest blogging is a popular method to get your content to reach new audiences and win more exposures. This technique not only enables you to create quality backlinks but also helps you to take care of your online reputation management and increase your social media followers.

You can contribute to authority websites and seek a backlink in return. Influencers can also help you in this endeavor if you can write quality content.

Social media is a great place to publish your guest article. Make sure that your articles links to your social media profiles. It ensures that people follow you easily if they like your posts.3. Through Infographics

Pictures can say it better than words. Infographics are one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. The advantage of using Infographics is that they are easy to understand and share. Contrary to what many people think, Infographics are not expensive to create.

A well-made Infographic can fetch you handsome rewards. An interesting story and lots of statistical data are what you need to get started. Make your content viral to get a good flow of traffic back to your website.

Use embedding codes to enable people to share your Infographics. Reach out to people using emails and ask for feedback. Never ask for a backlink directly. You will get them automatically if people love the content.4. Build Internal Links

You need a user-friendly website for people to like it. If people find it easy to navigate through a site, it becomes popular.

One of the most exciting ways to do so is to build internal links. Having internal links on your blog ensures that people need not search for information. Your links can direct them to the appropriate location with ease.

You have various tools that can automatically create internal links on your blogs, but you should know how to create backlinks manually. A good internal linking strategy can help you get quality backlinks.5. Promote your Content

You might manufacture the best product or offer the highest quality of services to people. How would your prospective customers know that?

Hence, it becomes critical for you to promote your content. Unless people are aware of your products and services, there is no way you will be able to reach the top position in your niche. Promoting your content is the only way out.

You can contact bloggers or websites that run weekly or monthly roundups. Contact such webmasters and introduce your website to them.

If they find it useful, your link can find a mention in the next weekly roundup. Bloggers are always in search of good content. However, never make the mistake of seeking links directly. Such tactics usually backfire. Promoting your content is one of the best ways how to create backlinks for your website.6. Spy on your competitors

One of the most effective ways how to create backlinks for SEO is to stay up to date with your competitors’ online marketing strategies.

Look into their link-building strategy and content marketing methods. If the approach works for them, they will work for you as well.

Subscribe to their email newsletters or follow them on social media. Set Google alerts on your website when your competitors publish new content on their sites.

Understand how they promote their websites. Use some of the tactics mentioned in this article such as Guest blogging on their website to seek quality backlinks.

Use quality spying tools like Monitor Backlinks to help you in this endeavor. This tool helps you to keep track of all the backlinks your website earns.7. Write testimonials

Writing testimonials is an excellent way to earn backlinks from authority websites. Spending a few minutes to write a quality testimonial can do your site a world of good.

If you are a customer of that product, your testimonial has a higher chance of getting a backlink. You can create backlinks free using this method.8. Be in touch with journalists and important bloggers

Reaching out to journalists and influencers in your niche is one way to get quality backlinks. It is one of the best methods of popularizing your website.

Find the emails of the top journalists and critical influencers and reach out to them. There are tools to help you find out such email addresses. Some of the best tools are Voilanorbert,, and, to name a few.

Alternatively, popular social media platforms like LinkedIn or Google+ can help you find their email address. It is vital to keep your messages short and crisp to get the maximum attention. 9. Donate

Donating to non-profit organizations is an excellent way to get backlinks. This method is the quickest one of all. All you have to do is to find websites in your niche that accepts donations.

Make your donation and write your website URL. You will get a backlink within no time.10. Get interviewed

Online interviews are the trend today. However, you need to be an authority in your niche to get interview invitations. You can always look out for websites that run interviews and evince your interest to participate in them.

There is no substitute for knowledge. If you have the experience and are willing to share it with people, there will be no shortage of people seeking it.

We have seen ten simple SEO techniques that can help you create backlinks effectively. You can also make use of free backlink generators available on the internet to get good backlinks. Let us look at a couple of bonus strategies on how to create backlinks.Bonus Strategy – 1Turn Brand mentions into backlinks

When you write quality content, people will quote you or mention you in a blog post. You can use this opportunity to seek backlinks.

When someone suggests you in their blog post, it entails that they like your content. Sending a friendly email to such a blogger can result in a backlink.Bonus Strategy – 2Send “Feeler” emails

Feeler emails are simple promotional emails you send to prospective customers without asking for a backlink. You test whether the person responds or not.

Once you get a response, it indicates that the customer is interested in your product or services. You can now send them your pitch. Sending a feeler email is a better way to get customers instead of approaching them directly.

We shall now sum up our backlink generating strategies in the form of a snippet. Here are the most straightforward methods to create quality backlinks.Adopt the Moving Man Method – Build broken backlinksWrite guest posts on authority websitesInfographics can do the trick for youBuild internal links to make your site user-friendlyPromote your contentLook at what your competitors are doingWrite testimonials Do not underestimate the power of influencers and journalistsDonate for a good causeShare your knowledge through online interviews

Use a Google backlink generator to generate useful backlinks. You need them to ensure that your website attains the top Google rank and more importantly, maintains the position. An effective strategy wherein top backlink tools are accessed appropriately, can guarantee this for you.Conclusion