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WordPress (WP, is a unfastened and open-supply content material control gadget (CMS) written in PHP[4] and coupled with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features encompass a plugin structure and a template system, mentioned inside WordPress as Themes. WordPress changed into at the beginning created as a blog-publishing gadget but has developed to guide different net content material types along with greater traditional mailing lists and boards, media galleries, club web sites, mastering management systems (LMS) and online shops. One of the maximum popular content material control machine answers in use, WordPress is utilized by WordPress forty two.eight% of the pinnacle 10 million web sites as of October 2021.[five][6]

WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by means of its founders, American developer Matt Mullenweg[1] and English developer Mike Little,[7][8] as a fork of b2/cafelog. The softwWordPress are program is released underneath the GPLv2 (or later) license.[9]

To feature, WordPress has to be set up on an internet server, either part of an Internet hosting provider like or a pc walking the software program package deal in an effort to serve as a network host in its very own right.[10] A local laptop can be used for unmarried-user trying out and getting to know purposes.

WordPress Foundation owns WordPress, WordPress assignment and other related logos.[eleven]Overview[edit]

“WordPress is a factory that makes webpages”[12] is a middle analogy designed to clarify the functions of WordPress: it stores content and permits a user to create and submit webpages, requiring not anything past a domain and a website hosting service.

WordPress has a web template device the use of a template processor. Its architecture is a the front controller, routing all requests for non-static URIs to a single PHP document which parses the URI and identifies the goal page. This allows help for more human-readable permalinks.[13]Themes[edit]

WordPress customers may additionally install and transfer amongst many distinct issues. Themes allow users to trade the look and capability of a WordPress website without altering the center code or web site content. Every WordPress website calls for at least one topic to be present. Themes may be directly hooked up using the WordPress “Appearance” administration device inside the dashboard, or subject folders can be copied immediately into the issues listing.[14] WordPress themes are normally categorised into two categories: loose and top rate. Many unfastened themes are indexed in the WordPress topic listing (also known as the repository), and premium themes are to be had for buy from marketplaces and character WordPress developers. WordPress users may create and broaden their very own custom subject matters.[15]Plugins[edit]

WordPress’ plugin structure allows users to extend the capabilities and capability of a internet site or weblog. As of December 2021, has fifty nine,756 plugins to be had,[sixteen] every of which offers custom functions and functions allowing customers to tailor their sites to their precise wishes.However, this doesn’t consist of the top rate plugins which can be to be had (approximately 1,500+), which might not be indexed in the repository. These customizations variety from search engine optimization (search engine marketing), to patron portals used to show non-public records to logged-in customers, to content material management structures, to content showing functions, inclusive of the addition of widgets and navigation bars. Not all to be had plugins are constantly abreast with the enhancements, and as a end result, they will now not characteristic well or might not feature at all. Most plugins are to be had thru WordPress themselves, both via downloading them and putting in the documents manually via FTP or via the WordPress dashboard. However, many third parties offer plugins thru their very own web sites, a lot of which are paid programs.

Web builders who desire to develop plugins need to analyze WordPress’ hook machine which includes over 2,000 hooks (as of Version 5.7 in 2021)[17] divided into two classes: action hooks and filter out hooks.

Plugins also represent a development approach which could rework WordPress into all varieties of software program systems and packages, restricted handiest through the imagination and creativity of the programmers. These are carried out the use of custom plugins to create non-website structures, along with headless WordPress applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) merchandise.

Plugins also might be utilized by hackers concentrated on the website online that use WordPress, as hackers could make the most bugs on WordPress plugins themselves in place of exploiting the insects on WordPress itself.[18]Mobile applications[edit]

Phone apps for WordPress exist for WebOS,[19] Android,[20] iOS,[21][22] Windows Phone and BlackBerry.[23] These applications, designed by way of Automattic, have alternatives which includes adding new blog posts and pages, commenting, moderating remarks, replying to feedback further to the capability to view the stats.[21][22]Accessibility[edit]

The WordPress Accessibility Team has labored to enhance the accessibility for center WordPress as well as guide a clear identification of on hand issues.[24] The WordPress Accessibility Team presents continuing instructional assist approximately web accessibility and inclusive design. The WordPress Accessibility Coding Standards country that “All new or updated code released in WordPress should conform with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 at degree AA.”[25]Other functions[edit]

WordPress also features incorporated hyperlink management; a search engine–friendly, clean permalink structure; the ability to assign more than one categories to posts; and aid for tagging of posts. Automatic filters are also protected, imparting standardized formatting and styling of text in posts (as an instance, converting normal rates to clever prices). WordPress additionally helps the Trackback and Pingback requirements for displaying links to different websites that have themselves related to a post or an editorial. WordPress posts can be edited in HTML, the usage of the visual editor, or using certainly one of a number of plugins that permit for a number of custom designed enhancing capabilities.Multi-user and multi-blogging[edit]

Prior to version 3, WordPress supported one blog in step with set up, although more than one concurrent copies may be run from one of a kind directories if configured to apply separate database tables. WordPress Multisites (formerly referred to as WordPress Multi-User, WordPress MU, or WPMU) turned into a fork of WordPress created to permit multiple blogs to exist within one installation however is able to be administered by means of a centralized maintainer. WordPress MU makes it possible for people with websites to host their personal blogging communities, in addition to control and mild all the blogs from a unmarried dashboard. WordPress MU provides eight new records tables for each blog.

As of the discharge of WordPress 3, WordPress MU has merged with WordPress.[26]History[edit]

b2/cafelog, extra typically known as b2 or cafelog, became the precursor to WordPress.[27] b2/cafelog became predicted to were established on about 2,000 blogs as of May 2003.[28] It turned into written in PHP to be used with MySQL by means of Michel Valdrighi, who is now a contributing developer to WordPress. Although WordPress is the reputable successor, another undertaking, b2evolution, is likewise in lively improvement.

WordPress first regarded in 2003 as a joint attempt between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little to create a fork of b2.[29] Christine Selleck Tremoulet, a friend of Mullenweg, recommended the name WordPress.[30][31]

In 2004 the licensing terms for the competing Movable Type bundle were changed via Six Apart, ensuing in a lot of its maximum influential users migrating to WordPress.[32][33] By October 2009 the Open Source CMS MarketShare Report concluded that WordPress loved the best emblem power of any open-source content management gadget.

As of May 2021, WordPress is utilized by sixty four.8% of all the web sites whose content control device is thought. This is 41.4% of the pinnacle 10 million web sites.[five]Awards and reputation[edit]Winner of InfoWorld’s “Best of open source software awards: Collaboration”, offered in 2008.[34]Winner of Open Source CMS Awards’s “Overall Best Open Source CMS”, offered in 2009.[35]Winner of virtual synergy’s “Hall of Fame CMS class in the 2010 Open Source”, offered in 2010.[36]Winner of InfoWorld’s “Bossie award for Best Open Source Software”, awarded in 2011.[37]WordPress has a five celebrity privateness rating from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.[38]Release records[edit]

Main releases of WordPress are codenamed after well-known jazz musicians, beginning from model[39][40]