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A website (also written as web web site) is a group of web pages Website and related content this is diagnosed by using a common area call and published on at least one web server. Examples of super web sites are Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Wikipedia.

All publicly reachable web sites together constitute the World Wide Web. There are also non-public websites which could only be accessed on a personal network, including a employer’s internal website for its employees.

Websites are commonly devoted to a selected subject matter or cause, which include information, schooling, trade, entertainment, or social networking. Hyperlinking among net pages courses the navigation of the site, which regularly starts with a home page.

Users can get admission to web sites on various gadgets, such as computers, laptops, pills, and smartphones. The app used on those devices is called an internet browser.History

The World Wide Web (WWW) became created in 1989 through the British CERN computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee.[1][2] On 30 April 1993, CERN introduced that the World Wide Web might be free to use for everyone, contributing to the colossal growth of the Web.[three] Before the introduction of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), different protocols along with File Transfer Protocol and the gopher protocol have been used to retrieve character documents from a server. These protocols provide a simple directory shape which the consumer navigates and wherein they pick documents to download. Documents were most usually supplied as undeniable text documents with out formatting or had been encoded in word processor codecs.Overview

Websites can be used in numerous fashions: a non-public internet site, a corporate website for a company, a central authority website, an organisation website, and so on. Websites may be the work of an individual, a enterprise or other company, and are commonly dedicated to a particular topic or motive. Any website can comprise a hyperlink to every other internet site, so the distinction among man or woman sites, as perceived by the person, may be blurred.

Some web sites require user registration or subscription to get right of entry to content. Examples of subscription web sites include many commercial enterprise web sites, news web sites, educational journal web sites, gaming websites, report-sharing websites, message forums, internet-based e mail, social networking web sites, websites offering real-time stock marketplace information, in addition to websites presenting various different offerings.

While “web web page” changed into the authentic spelling Website (every so often capitalized “Web web page”, when you consider that “Web” is a right noun whilst regarding the World Wide Web), this version has end up not often used, and “website” has become the usual spelling. All most important style guides, which include The Chicago Manual of Style[4] and the AP Stylebook,[five] have meditated this change.Static website

A static internet site is one that has net pages stored on the server in the layout this is sent to a customer internet browser. It is in most cases coded in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML); Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to govern look beyond simple HTML.Images are normally used to create the preferred appearance and as a part of the principle content.Audio or video may be considered “static” content material if it performs routinely or is commonly non-interactive. This sort of website usually displays the same records to all site visitors. Similar to handing out a printed brochure to customers or customers, a static internet site will usually provide constant, popular records for an extended time frame. Although the website proprietor may make updates periodically, it’s miles a guide process to edit the textual content, pics, and different content and may require basic website design abilties and software program.Simple bureaucracy or marketing examples of websites, which include conventional internet site, a 5-page website or a brochure internet site are regularly static websites, due to the fact they gift pre-described, static data to the user. This may additionally include facts about a company and its products and services via text, pix, animations, audio/video, and navigation menus.

Static web sites may also still use server aspect consists of (SSI) as an editing comfort, which includes sharing a commonplace menu bar throughout many pages. As the web page’s behavior to the reader remains static, this is not taken into consideration a dynamic web page.Dynamic website

Server-side programming language usage in 2016.

A dynamic internet site is one which changes or customizes itself frequently and mechanically. Server-side dynamic pages are generated “at the fly” by pc code that produces the HTML (CSS are answerable for look and hence, are static documents).There are a extensive variety of software structures, along with CGI, Java Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP), Active Server Pagesand ColdFusion (CFML) which are available to generate dynamic web structures and dynamic websites.Various internet software frameworks and internet template systems are to be had for wellknown-use programming languages like Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby to make it faster and simpler to create complicated dynamic websites.

A website online can show the current kingdom of a communicate among customers, reveal a converting scenario, or provide facts in some manner customized to the requirements of the character person.For example, while the the front web page of a information website is asked, the code walking at the webserver may combine stored HTML fragments with information tales retrieved from a database or every other website via RSS to supply a web page that includes the today’s statistics.Dynamic web sites may be interactive by way of the use of HTML paperwork, storing and reading returned browser cookies, or by way of growing a chain of pages that mirror the previous history of clicks.Another example of dynamic content material is while a retail website with a database of media merchandise lets in a consumer to input a seek request, e.g. for the key-word Beatles. In reaction, the content of the internet page will spontaneously alternate the manner it looked earlier than, and will then show a listing of Beatles products like CDs, DVDs, and books. Dynamic HTML makes use of JavaScript code to educate the net browser how to interactively adjust the page contents. One manner to simulate a certain type of dynamic website whilst warding off the overall performance lack of initiating the dynamic engine on a in line with-person or in keeping with-connection basis is to periodically automatically regenerate a massive series of static pages.Multimedia and interactive content

Early websites had best textual content, and soon after, photos.Web browser plug-ins had been then used to feature audio, video, and interactivity (which includes for a rich net application that mirrors the complexity of a computer utility like a word processor). Examples of such plug-ins are Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, and Java SE.HTML five includes provisions for audio and video without plugins.JavaScript is also built into most modern-day net browsers, and lets in for website creators to ship code to the net browser that instructs it the way to interactively alter web page content material and communicate with the web server if wanted.The browser’s inner representation of the content material is known as the Document Object Model (DOM).

WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a modern-day JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D portraits without the usage of plug-ins. It permits interactive content consisting of three-D animations, visualizations and video explainers to offered customers in the most intuitive manner.[6]

A 2010-era fashion in web sites called “responsive layout” has given the fine viewing enjoy because it presents a device based format for users. These websites alternate their format according to the device or cell platform, hence giving a wealthy person experience.[7]Types

Websites can be divided intobroad categories—static and interactive.Interactive websites are a part of the Web community of sites and permit for interactivity between the web site proprietor and placement traffic or users.Static sites serve or capture records however do now not allow engagement with the target audience or customers immediately. Some websites are informational or produced by enthusiasts or for private use or enjoyment.Many web sites do aim to make cash, the use of one or more business models, inclusive of:Posting interesting content material and selling contextual advertising and marketing either via direct income or through an marketing community.E-commerce: products or services are purchased directly through the websiteAdvertising products or services to be had at a brick and mortar commercial enterpriseFreemium: basic content is available for free however top rate content material requires a fee (e.g., WordPress internet site, it is an open-source platform to construct a weblog or website.)