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A website online or internet site is a principal place of web pages which are associated and accessed by using travelling the house web page of the website the use of a browser. For example, the Computer Hope website cope with URL (Uniform Resource LocaWebsite tor) is https://www.computerhope.com. From our home page, you could get access to any of the internet pages (like this one) contained on our internet site. The picture shows how the Computer Hope website looked in 2021.How to open a internet site

To view a internet site calls for a browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome). For example, you are reading this web web page the use of a browser. Once in a browser, you may open a internet site via getting into the URL within the address bar. For example, typing “https://www.computerhope.com” opens the Computer Hope home web page. If you do not know the URL of the internet site you want to visit, you can use a search engine to locate the website on the Internet.When was the first website created?

The first internet site became constructed at CERN by using Tim Berners-Lee and released on August 6, 1991. Visit and skim the first internet site.The records of the Internet.Who invented the Internet?How many web sites are on the Internet?

As of January 2018, depending on which survey or website hosting agency being referenced, there are among 1.three and 1.8 billion websites. Many of those web sites are unused or no longer visited by using many humans, but the websites still exist and included inside the depend.What is the distinction among a internet site and a web page?

A internet site refers to a important region with multiple web page or several web pages. For instance, Computer Hope is considered a internet site, which includes hundreds of various web pages, along with the page you’re reading now.

In the above URL example, the internet site is computerhope.com, and the net web page is “url.htm.”

A internet web page does now not need a document extension like .htm or .html to be a web page. Many websites are designed to show a default page in a directory (e.g., index.html) or set up to haven’t any record extensions.

See our net web page definition for a breakdown of all the factors that help make up an internet web page.Who creates web sites at the Internet?

Any business, government, business enterprise, or character can create a internet site at the Internet. Today, the Internet includes billions of web sites created by means of billions of different humans. You can even create a website or blog at the Internet. See the under styles of websites segment for a list of the sorts of categories of websites.How to begin in HTML and net layout.What can you do on a internet site?

On most web sites, you read the data contained on every web page. If there are any interesting links, you comply with the ones links by using clicking or tapping on them to find more data or carry out a project. You also can listen to song, watch videos, shop, talk, and much more on many web sites.What activities when bored at the Internet.Types of websites

There are billions of web sites on the Internet today that can be damaged into one of the following sorts of website categories. Keep in thoughts that it is viable for a website to fall into extra than one of the following classes. For instance, a website may also be a discussion board, webmail, weblog, or seek engine.Archive internet site

An archive internet site is a website that continues a report of the contents of one or extra different web sites. The Internet Archive is the high-quality example of an archive internet site.Blog (blog)

A weblog is a internet site this is regularly created with the aid of an person to hold a listing of entries that interests them. See our blog definition for a complete description, services used to create a weblog, and related pages. A microblog internet site is also any other popular shape of running a blog internet site that limits the number of characters someone can publish in every blog access. Twitter is an example of a social networking internet site for a microblog.Business internet site and company website

A enterprise website or corporate website is created to provide account statistics and get entry to to clients, companions, customers, and capability clients.

A community website is a internet site or segment of a website that allows deliver the visitors journeying the site collectively the use of chat, forums, or some other shape of bulletin forums.Content internet site and facts website

A content material website and information internet site are created with the aim of showing precise content material this is frequently related to a selected category. For instance, Computer Hope could be considered a content material web site with pc-associated content. Other classes should consist of a political website with content regarding politics or a political view, or a religious website with data approximately a selected religion.Dating internet site

A dating website is a website installation to help connect folks that may be interested by assembly different people or relationship different people. Most dating web sites require a small rate, require a description of your self, and regularly asks inquiries to assist locate human beings that could fine fit your pastimes.E-commerce website

An e-commerce (digital commerce) internet site is any web site that turned into created with the purpose of selling on line goods or services. Amazon is an example of an e-trade website. An e-trade website may be broken down even similarly into one of the following subcategories.

An associate internet site is a internet site created with the intention of selling 1/3-party merchandise. For example, Amazon has an affiliate application for every person to link to their site and make a commission when products are purchased. An associate internet site must now not be harassed with an e-trade website.

An public sale website is a website that lets in different humans to sell their items or offerings. For example, eBay is one of the maximum famous on-line auction websites. See our online auction web page for similarly facts and examples.

A advertisements website is a website that lets in each person to listing items or services, normally at no cost or at a small fee. Craigslist is an example of a classified ads website.

A crowdfunding website is installation to assist aid a business, person, or every other cause by way of creating a one time or monthly fee. An instance of a crowdfunding internet site is Kickstarter.Educational website

An academic internet site is any website containing content material that aids in mastering. It may be a school website, a library internet site, a homework assistance internet site, or some other tools for gaining knowledge on line.Gaming internet site

A gaming website is any internet site that capabilities games that may be played at the internet site. Often these on-line games are created using HTML5, Flash, or Java. Gaming websites must no longer be pressured with a gaming content internet site with content material applicable to gaming and not using a actual video games to play at the internet site.Government internet site

A authorities internet site is a department, neighborhood, or kingdom government website online that changed into created to help inform the public approximately authorities enterprise and offerings. A neighborhood authorities internet site will also be set up to assist sell tourism.

In the US a central authority internet site has the domain suffix .gov. In the United Kingdom, they use .gov.uk.Help and Q&A website

A assist internet site and questions and solutions internet site is a domain wherein all people can publish questions and other customers assist solution the ones questions. A complete list of help websites in which you could ask any query is at the hyperlink beneath.Where can I ask a question at the Website Internet?Malicious internet site

A malicious website is any internet site that was installation with the goal of infecting another pc or collecting non-public statistics. For instance, a malware website is a domain created with the goal of infecting any visitor with malware, adware, or a worm. These sorts of websites could have a download it is infected and, if downloaded, infects your computer.

Other not unusual malicious websites consist of phishing websites. These websites are designed to appear like other official web sites (e.g., your financial institution) with the hope that they could phish sensitive facts together with your username and password.

Fake news websites are every other form of malicious web site created to seem as a valid source of news with the aim of helping to unfold fear and lies.How to guard your self even as at the Internet.Media sharing internet site

A media sharing internet site is any website that focuses on allowing visitors to share one or extra varieties of media. For instance, YouTube is a site for sharing video media. SoundCloud is a website for sharing music. Flickr is an area to proportion pix. DeviantArt is a web page for sharing artwork.Mirror website