Lesson 1: Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to programming

Computer programming is the technique of designing and writing computer packages. As a skill set, it consists of a wide range of various obligations and techniques, but our tutorials aren’t supposed to train you the Programing entirety. Instead, they are meant to provide fundamental, practical skills that will help you recognize and write laptop code that reflects things you see and use in the actual international. 

Our computer programming tutorials assume which you haven’t any programming revel in in anyway. They do, but, require primary familiarity with the use of computers and net browsers. For example, you need to be comfortable downloading and commencing documents, and using text enhancing software program. If you do not sense confident in those competencies, do not forget spending some time with these tutorials first:Computer BasicsInternet Basics

As long as you are comfortable with those basics, you must be organized to begin getting to know programming. What these tutorials will cover

These tutorials focus on one specific sort of programming: internet improvement. When you visit websites, whether you use a pc, a smartphone, or anything else, you are surely looking at computer code, which an internet developer possibly wrote, and which your net browser is decoding to reveal you what you spot on the screen. 

These tutorials will show you how to start writing 3 common types of code utilized in web improvement, which blended make up the average website that you see every day: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Parts of a internet site

Imagine that every internet site you go to is someone. Every man or woman is different in how they look, act, and speak, however they are commonly made from  the same fundamental pieces.HTML

If you imagine a website as a person, you may think of HTML as being the skeleton. 

HTML is on the center of just about the whole thing you notice on the Internet. While it doesn’t appear like much on its personal, it bureaucracy the building blocks on pinnacle of which all the other portions rest. The HTML for an exceptionally simple website may appearance something like this:An Extremely Simple Website

This is a very easy website.

And if you loaded that during your browser, you would see this:

You can test some HTML your self. Use this as a starting instance:

Try coming into that HTML inside the enter container underneath, then press the “View HTML” button. Make certain to type it in exactly as you spot it.

You have to see a button with the textual content you entered appear within the field above. It seems fairly simple, and it doesn’t do some thing but, however you’ll learn about that later! 

Congratulations, you just wrote HTML!CSS

If HTML is the skeleton, you may think about CSS as making up all the muscle, skin, and so forth that make a person honestly seem like a person. 

CSS would not do something on its personal. Instead, it takes simple HTML and styles it to look Programing specific. It could make what you spot inside the browser bigger or smaller, reorganize the portions on the web page, upload shades, and greater. Some CSS for an incredibly simple internet site would possibly appearance something like this:p font-style: italic;padding: 25px;background-colour: #00acd7;shade: white;border: strong 1px black;text-align: middle;

If you were to use the above CSS to the equal extraordinarily simple website you saw before, it could appear like this:

You can take a look at that CSS your self. Use this as a starting instance:font-style: italic;

Try entering that snippet of CSS within the enter field beneath, then press the “Update CSS” button. Make sure to kind it in exactly as you see it.

You must see phrases in the field to the proper emerge as italicized. If you do, then congratulations! You just wrote CSS!JavaScript

If HTML and CSS have mixed to make someone that looks like a person, you may consider JavaScript as being the mind. Without it, a person just sits there, but with it, they may be energetic and alive.

JavaScript can alternate the HTML and CSS of a website in actual time after it has loaded. It can conceal things, add new things, trade what matters look like, and extra. Any time something on a internet site changes while you are looking at it, there is a superb hazard that JavaScript is getting used to do it. 

For example, imagine which you desired the browser to create a pop-up greeting whenever anyone loaded the extremely easy internet site from before. One way might be to put in writing a few code that seems like this:alert(“Oh, hiya.”);

And when you loaded the internet site, you will see some thing like this:

You can take a look at that JavaScript your self. Use this code as an example:alert(“Hello, global!”);

Try coming into that snippet of code inside the input container underneath, then press the “Run Code” button. Make positive to type it in precisely as you notice it.

You must see a pop-up much like in the example above, handiest with a extraordinary message. Congratulations, you just wrote JavaScript!