Backlinks strengthen SEO in any marketing strategy. The right ones can bring substantial traffic to your website. A positive inbound link from one or several authoritative websites gets the attention of Google algorithms. 

In the eyes of Google, you become an authority domain. There must be a reason other sites link to you. You begin to enjoy increased credibility and trustworthiness. 

Choosing the right methods of obtaining backlinks ensures visits from your target audience. The more quality backlinks you earn from high-authority sites, the higher you move in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

Successful backlinking takes time, but it is well worth it.

So how do you earn these backlinks? First and foremost, you need to create valuable content. Then other high profile, authority sites have a motivation to link back to you in their content as an additional resource for their readers.

While there are many ways to achieve backlinking, this article focuses on the top backlinking sites out there to help you get started. Since good backlinks to your site are like testimonials from others Backlink that your content is worthwhile, you want to make sure they come from reputable sources. 

Follow the approaches below to help you get noticed positively by Google and other search engines. Pick the ones that sound the most appealing to you, so you stick with it and experience success much sooner. Build Backlinks with SourceBottle

There are two ways you gain backlinks using SourceBottle.

The first way entails submitting what SourceBottle calls call-out topics, requests for professional commentary, an interview with a specialist, or quotes from an expert to supplement your writing. You can browse the topics that interest you and that are relevant to your website. You also have access to subjects that are in high demand. For example:

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How is this beneficial to you? You gain exposure to an expert and gain a greater audience when you insert quotes and remarks from them and link to their website. If the specialist likes your article, they link to yours, as well, so their followers have access to it. You also acquire a valuable connection with someone in your niche. 

High-quality writing secures that result. You want your expert source to want their audience to read your article. 

The second way is you choosing to be an expert source to someone else. You select call-out topics you want to assist on. You sign up to receive queries in your inbox daily, what SourceBottle calls, Drink Up!. You receive summaries of what people need and offer your capable commentary and quotes on the topics of interest you selected. 

By providing valuable information to other bloggers or journalists who may already have a large following and high ranking gives you stellar publicity, as well. They include a link to your profile and website in their article because you are one of their sources. 

SourceBottle is an effective platform for Bloggers, Journalists, and Writers to get the information they need while building valuable backlinks that strengthen trust and ranking. The best part is that signing up and using these two services is free. 

Topics on SourceBottle focus on health, parenting, relationships, lifestyle, beauty, and business. So if this is your niche, SourceBottle is one of the better backlink sites for you to consider.

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Share Your Content With BizSugar

BizSugar is the best backlink site for small niche businesses looking for exposure since it caters to this population. The platform invites you to share content and have it syndicated. For instance:

(Image Credit: Monitor Backlinks)

Why does BizSugar create this arrangement? Because by allowing writers and bloggers to post content, they get access to relevant, informative information for free to share with readers. What do you get? You enjoy more exposure and publicity for free, as well and the ability to build backlinks to your website, a win-win for both sides. 

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the site so that you share the right content. It needs to be high-quality to get approved and published. 

You also have the choice to join a mastermind group. This group helps establish relationships with other business owners. You have the opportunity to grow your brand and develop trust with other professionals. These connections lead to endorsements with referrals and backlinks in their content. Use “Write For Us” Sites 

No list would be complete without mentioning writing for sites that accept guest blogging. It is one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences and create backlinks to your website. The key is publishing articles on popular websites that already have large followings. The advantage of doing this goes beyond just backlinks. It enhances your online reputation, a long-lasting benefit. 

Furthermore, gaining relationships with other websites invariably leads to those sites linking to yours. Guest blogging moves your content in front of more people and increases your following. Even Google accepts guest contributors on its Google Analytics blog! Check it out!

So how do you get a gig guest blogging? One effective way is to Google the words—write for us—, along with the niche you excel in. Look through the websites that come up. See if their content looks like a good fit. See how many shares and likes articles receive there. Check their social media platforms and followers.

Once you decide you want to write for them, you must adhere to all their specific guidelines for submitting articles for consideration. Often you pitch your idea first before they accept a submission. 

In some cases, it gets discouraging when they let you know it may take a while for them to get back to you because of a high submission rate. However, stick to a plan of pitching a certain amount each week or month. With consistency, you can land a guest blogging opportunity. Just one excellent post on the right site reaps great rewards.

Social media connections also boost your chances of getting a guest blog appearance, a beneficial tool when you build relationships with influencers. You can also search for guest blog opportunities on the platform by typing—guest post or guest article. Learn more about social media backlinks in the last listing regarding Twitter. 

Once you land guest blogging spots, try to post with the same sites regularly. Top-quality writing is the best way to ensure this. Also, look for overlapping niches when you query prospects. For example, a fitness center might appreciate a blog post on superpower fruits for more energy or faster injury healing. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.Add Backlinks to Content Posted on Medium

Medium is a well known social media platform easily connected to from LinkedIn, Google, and Twitter. You can write new content or syndicate existing content. By adding backlinks to your published content there, you bring more people to your website. Valuable, entertaining, helpful content encourages readers to click on your links to learn more about you.

If you republish articles on Medium, you get a rel=canonical link that tells search engines that it is a copy of the original, so no worries about duplicate penalties. Medium is a popular choice among the best backlink posting sites to utilize. 

You can pick up hundreds of new readers quickly by producing excellent content on Medium. Better yet, the growing audience you gain is relevant and targeted to what you offer. 

Alert your followers on other social media platforms to follow you on Medium, as well. They get notified whenever you post something new and are likely to share articles they love with others. As a result, your reach continues to expand. 

You can use up to five hashtags with your article to attract the desired group of followers. 

Like other platforms, you belong to a writing community, so the potential to create discussions and form relationships exist. Leave thoughtful comments for other authors, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Start conversations much as you do on Twitter.