The SEO industry underpins the majority of Internet companies. Search engine optimization drives many things that happen on the Internet. For the search engine marketing industry, building backlinks has become a significant industry of its own. Automatic backlink software sells like hotcakes, and there are even manual link building tools and services. These tools make the job easier, but these eight other tools are guaranteed to put you over the top against the competition. One of the best things that can happen to you in this industry is to get high quality backlinks free.The Importance of Links for SEO Success

Search engine optimization might move away from link building in the future, but in today’s world, it is a huge part of search engine algorithms. Having a great link profile will not only help you get more traffic, but it will also help you rank better on every search engine. That is why the industry for link building has gotten so big. Links are a foundation of Google’s page rank algorithm, but it is something that they don’t publicly update anymore. The first versions of Google included Pagerank, which was their own custom mathematical formula for ranking websites based on the links pointing to it. They have slowly tried to move away from it, but there are no other viable options when compared to links. The main reason for this is Google does not have the computational power to rank websites Backlink without the use of backlinks. It might also turn out that they might never have such technology.

FACTS: 55.24% of pages don’t have a single backlink. In fact, the more backlinks a page has, the more search traffic it gets from Google.Will Links Be the Future?

Google developed a new processor for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Their tensor flow processing units have improved the quality of search engine rankings. They are using machine learning and analytics as a bigger part of the algorithm, but it still hasn’t diminished the role of links. As they improve the way this processing unit functions, one might start to think that they will move away from links. However, they have tried to do that in the past and failed miserably. The quality of their rankings changes substantially when links are not factored in. Links are a huge part of building authority, so they will have to find a new way of gauging a website’s authority without any links. It is currently the only way for them to move away from using links as a method for rankings.The Best Backlink Software1. Ahrefs

The first piece of software is also the best. Ahrefs is the industry-standard software for doing a whole host of things. It has one of the largest backlinks databases in the entire industry. It also functions as an excellent backlink checker, and it can even help you find high quality backlinks free. The main way it does that is by searching the Internet as Google would, finding websites and only indexing the links. It then has its own algorithm similar to Google Pagerank to determine how valuable a link is. This database grows by petabytes every year, so you can be confident when you check it that you will see the most comprehensive link database on the entire Internet. It will also show you the most powerful backlinks for your top competitors. Ahrefs continues to be the industry standard backlink checker as it is the primary innovator. Here is an example of Ahrefs backlink tool:

(Image Credit: Ahrefs)2. Majestic SEO

Majestic is like Ahrefs but cheaper. While it is a lot less comprehensive, it is also the first tool of its kind, so it holds a special place in many hearts. The majority of search engine professionals started their journey using Majestic. It offers fewer features than Ahrefs, but it is singularly focused. The interface to use it is quite simple, and you won’t be floundering around a lot. The backlink database is quite comprehensive, but it is still a bit smaller than Ahrefs. The main benefit of a tool like this is it allows you to spy on your competition. The easiest way for you to rank on Google is to find the links going to your competition’s website, and then you can simply match those links and add some more. By combining the link profile of every single competitor on the front page, you can quickly rise to the top by copying their links. This tool might also give you insight into how Google’s algorithm works. For example:

(Image Credit: Majestic Blog)3. BuzzStream

The highest quality links you will get will be from people who maintain active websites that are well respected. However, it will be hard to get one of those links using traditional blackhat link building tools. You also won’t be able to get them from a backlink generator. However, this tool helps you by making it easy to reach out to these website owners. You will be able to contact them and put them into the pipeline to get the links you want. Having an outreach tool like this will shave hundreds of hours of your time. In some ways, this is better than automatic backlink software. Traditional backlink software only works on low-quality links. These are the types of links from sites that are almost dead. This program will help you find and contact webmasters to get you premium links. The image below shows a backlink analysis done by BuzzStream:

(Image Credit: BuzzStream)

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4. BuzzSumo

Natural link building is something that can happen, depending on how your content performs on social media. Having a piece of content go viral will ensure that it gets thousands of links from all over the Internet. It is an easy way to get 1000 free backlinks without having to go out there and get them yourself. What this tool does is show you the content that performs the best on social media. You can use that information and knowledge to create the perfect viral content. Once that happens, you will be able to ensure that your content spreads like wildfire on Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. These social media sites are where a lot of journalists and other professionals find things to write about. They will often write about your content and include a backlink right to the source. Not only will this get you a lot of backlinks, but it will get you traffic as well. Here is an example of BuzzSumo’s backlink tool:

(Image Credit: BuzzSumo)5.

Spam links have been a major problem for Google in recent years. However, they have worked hard to detect them and have so far been very successful. That led to them being able to remove our website from their index quickly and efficiently. However, they created their own tool to allow webmasters to remove those websites from their backlink profile. This is another such tool that enables webmasters to quickly and efficiently clean up their backlink profile, so there are no more spam links that could influence rankings. This tool helps you clean up your disavow list and then submits it automatically to Google. It saves a lot of time and effort on your part.

(Image Credit: Ahrefs)6. Moz Link Explorer

This tool is similar to Ahrefs and Majestic. It offers the same capabilities, but it has a much smaller database. However, it is one of the industry leaders, so people usually listen to what this company says. It allows you to track and monitor links and how they change over time. They also have their own proprietary algorithm for ranking the quality of a link. It enables you to quickly and easily find which links are the most powerful for your competition. This is what the Moz link explorer overview looks like:

(Image Credit: Moz)7. SEO Powersuite